Web Site Terms and Conditions

All transactions are subject to our terms and conditions as stated below.

General Contract

1.1 All orders are placed subject to our terms and conditions as listed , we may change these at any time without notice in which case future orders will not be subject to the previous terms . When you buy through our website you are making an offer and paying for that offer, you will receive an automatic reply indicating we have received your order but this is not an acceptance of your order . If we need to reject your order for whatever reason we will e mail you at our first opportunity to offer you an explanation and either an alternative or a full refund.
1.2 You guarantee that your details will be entered correctly and you will not use false names or P.O.Boxes or means of payment that you are not authorised to use and additionally you indemnify all of Gordon Engraving's employees and Directors from any penalties or costs arising from such a situation should this occur .
1.3 You can purchase either as a guest or You will be allowed to register an account online which will speed up your process of ordering but your goods will still need to be paid for at time of purchase , or , for previously approved credit account customers you will be able to place orders online and receive an invoice after the despatch of goods payable according to your normal terms and conditions . All these details are stored on our website and are not submitted to third parties.
1.4 We accept payment through credit and debit cards and through Paypal, these are all serviced by secure online payment terminals. We do not store credit card details as all transactions are carried out by customers responding directly on the web sites run by these organisations.
1.5 All pricing on the website is advisory only , should an error have occurred we reserve the right to amend it without prior notification, we will advise you of this and offer you the option to cancel at no cost to you should this happen.
1.6 All delivery prices are for delivery to mainland UK only, remote areas will be subject to a surcharge, which will be notified at the time of placing the order, it will be your responsibility to phone in and pay the surcharge by card or via your Paypal account, once received this will then trigger our normal delivery conditions.
1.7 If , at our discretion we relax any of our conditions in no way can it be considered to be a general relaxation that will continue to apply.
1.8 All colours on our website are representations only of the true colour and should not be taken as accurate, also all material thicknesses are nominal as manufacturers tolerances have to be taken into account. Should any of this be considered critical by you please e mail us at admin@gordonengraving.co.uk for advice.
1.9 All content and information , text , graphics and images are the property of Gordon Engraving trading as Perspex.Direct or the property of theur respective owners and is protected by United Kingdom copyright laws. All trademarks displayed are the property of their respective owners.


2.1 We will do our best to send all orders for a next day delivery but due to factors outside our control we ask you to allow up to 5 working days for delivery, and if it is an extended delivery it is very likely you would have been informed of this by e mail anyway .
2.2 Orders that have customer deadlines advised are taken on in good faith that the criteria can be met, it is not a guarantee to deliver on time as factors involved can be outside of our control and in no way will we accept responsibility for any subsequent costs or losses incurred by our customers through errors or late delivery or non arrival of goods.
2.3 We will use a number of carriers and in the event of the delivery premises being unoccupied at the time of delivery it is the responsibility of the individual to respond to the instructions on the delivery card to re-arrange delivery or collect from the local depot. In due course , each carrier is different , if no instructions have been received the good.
s will usually be delivered back to us and at that time we will deem the order to have been completed .
2.4 If the goods are refused at the delivery point then condition 3.1 applies and we will charge you for any extra costs we incur.

Damages and returns

3.1 All of the products we supply are bespoke and manufactured to your specifications and as such are exempt from your legal right to cancel within seven days of delivery.
3.2 It is the buyers responsibility to check the delivery for damage or shortages within 48 hours of receiving it and informing us in writing via e mail with a photo attached where applicable, to admin@gordonengraving.co.uk giving us your full name and address , the date you placed the order and your paypal registered e mail address if different. We will endeavour , upon acceptance of your claim , to deliver a replacement by the next working day and usually collect the damaged item at the same time , or if a replacement is not feasible we will offer a full refund .